DE LOS ANGELES – Dangal (Dan)

Born on July 2, 1965. Passed away September 16, 2020.

Passed away peacefully at home with family at his side on Wednesday September 16, 2020.

Loved and loving Husband of Lorna. Caring father of Samantha.

At Rest

Funeral Notice
Due to COVID19 restrictions the Funeral Service for Mr Dan De Los Angeles will be a private funeral by invitation only.

Requiem Mass for the repose of the soul of Dan will be live streamed from St Michael's Catholic Church, Church Street Traralgon on SATURDAY (September 26, 2020) commencing at 1.30 pm.

To view the live stream, click here.

    Angel Sebastian September 18, 2020
  2. Our prayers and condolences to the family of Ebot and daughter. May God bless the soul of Dang.

    Raquel Amyouni September 21, 2020
  3. Our heartfelt condolences from ITC, Netherlands Filipino Students. We were batchmates.

    Arturo DAAG September 21, 2020
  4. Ebot, Sam,

    My condelences.

    With all my love :(

    Jun Cosio September 21, 2020
  5. Rest In Peace ITC schoolmate Dan Angeles. Our CONDOLENCES to the bereaved family. We will surely miss you!!!!

    Engr. Trinidad R. Garbo September 21, 2020
  6. Dang was our genius friend, but it was very easy for me to make him laugh. We had so many good times together. We will miss you and you will be forever in our hearts.

    Ma. Jeramie J. Rivera September 21, 2020
  7. Ang mga nakaraan ay laging nakatatak sa ating puso at isipan
    Walang ano mang salita ng aming nararamdaman
    Ang pamamaalam ay hindi mahirap sabihin
    Dangal @Dan Delos Angeles, dan, komang, klasmeyt, kaibigan o ano man ang pwedeng itawag sa iyo mamimiss ka namin
    PAALAM or GOODBYE I know the Lord will accept you with your sacrifices. May you rest in peace

    Jessie Jacobe September 21, 2020
  8. Farewell to one clever classmate of mine during my early days in Mapua in Dangal. Rest In Peace mate! Sincere condolences to Lorna and Sam 🙏🙏🙏

    Ray Vanguardia September 21, 2020
  9. Dang, before I knew na barkada ka pala ng sister ko, you are my Sir De Los Angeles, one of my favorite prof. You are a genius na napakagaling magturo, masaya & mabait. You will always remain in our hearts. Rest in peace!

    My deepest sympathy to the family…

    Katherine Jimenez- Mandilag September 21, 2020
  10. Our deepest condolences. May he rest in peace with our Lord.

    Ng Ne, Bebs, Arnel and Liza September 21, 2020
  11. To Dan’s family especially to Ebot and Sam,

    Our deepest sympathy. We will always be in our prayers.

    Dang, rest in peace.


    Lilibeth Lejarde September 22, 2020
  12. To Dan’s family especially to Ebot and Sam,

    Our deepest sympathy. We will always be in our prayers.

    Dang, rest in peace.


    Lilibeth Lejarde September 22, 2020
  13. Ebot and Sam—my heart goes out to you guys. My thoughts and prayers are with you in this difficult times. I know there’s really nothing I can say or do to make things better, or easier for y’all. All I can give is my love and my deepest sympathy.
    I have known Dang since 1982. He was one of the best, if not the best, friends I was lucky to have. He was kind, smart, witty, funny, and you can always count on to give great advice, solid information, or simply call you out on your BS, or, just to hang out and talk about life in general. Thank you, Dang, for Billy Joel and Kurt Vonnegut. This world will never be the same without you. Until we meet again, my friend.

    Maria Teresa “TERI” Reyes September 22, 2020
  14. Dang – you are gone so soon. It is an honor to have known you. Lots of good memories of times spent ruminating about life over bottles of beer. Memories that will be treasured and kept in my heart. Thanks for your friendship.

    Lorna and Sam – you are in my thoughts and prayers. Much love.

    Jun Umali September 22, 2020
  15. Dan, you will be missed. I still remember your promise that should you put up a band, I’ll be your vocalist. That’s in MASCI, by the way. Thank you for your kindness, your generosity, and most of all, your treasured friendship. May your soul Rest In Peace..

    Noel C. September 22, 2020
  16. Dan, it’s hard to find the right words. Thank you for your kindness, generosity and support whilst working at LY, and for laughing at my chicken photos. I will especially miss our chats. You will be dearly missed, rest in peace.
    Sending kind thoughts and hugs to Lorna and Sam, I’m so sorry for your loss. xo

    Rebecca Turnbull September 22, 2020
  17. Farewell Dang you will always be remembered. Thank you for being a nice brother in law and caring brother to your Dikong and to your nephews Miko and Mac.come to think of it almost half of your life, 27 years na since nakilala ko kyo ni Lorna. Pag nakakakita ko ng taba ng steak nareremember kong sinasabi mong yun ang pinakamasarap. REST IN PEACE, u are in a better place now. Time was very short but the laughters and jokes you shared with us will be cherished forever.

    Ditse September 22, 2020
  18. No words can express how we, your friends feel right now…even if we knew it was coming,, we realized we’re still not prepared to see you go. The only consolation is that we know you are no longer in pain. We have lost a dear friend of over 30 years – our navigator, the only one who talks the most sense among all of us in our crazy group. We will surely miss you. Our hearts go out to Lorna and Sam in this difficult time. Rest In Peace Dang…until we meet again.

    Tess Guieb September 23, 2020
  19. Dang….i just started enjoying your company during our reunion esp sina Ronald and Arnold, sabi mo may next time pa ….i know kung may way lang di ka talaga bibigay….basta be happy ka na lang dyan and watch over Ebot and Sam….sama mo narin ang barkada…Rest in Peace Dang😇🤍🤍🤍🤍

    Jut & Ronald…and Happy🐶

    Jut September 23, 2020
  20. Dearest Dang,
    With a sad and heavy heart I say goodbye to you. I will miss your kindness, wisdom and sense of humor. Who will I ask now where a Tagalog word or saying came from? You are the only one I know who knew everything!
    Don’t worry, I and of course the whole barkada will always be there for Lorna and Sam.
    Rest In Peace…

    Thess Siron Sullivan September 24, 2020
  21. The Gentle Giant: Dang delos Angeles (July 2, 1965 – September 16, 2020)

    Dangal delos Angeles, Dang to most of us, has been an endearing part of our research laboratory, the Rushurgent Working Group (RWG) at the National Institute of Geological Sciences, University of the Philippines Diliman. He was a gentleman who would always smile when talked to, whatever the issue. No one has seen him get angry, no matter how difficult the challenges.

    Dang was in the forefront of teaching and doing science in the Philippines. He had that knack for explaining things that made the matter at hand a whole lot easier to understand. More importantly, Dang was able to put into practice the things he had learned and discovered in his search for new knowledge.

    There was a time when we made a presentation to a group of scientists and engineers for a UP Diliman Center for Integrative Development Studies-funded project on the Marikina River and its surrounding areas. When Dang presented his flood recurrence interval computation and showed his flood inundation maps for an extremely high amount of rainfall, wherein the whole of Metro Manila will be flooded, the audience met it with awe, shock and skepticism. The older scientists and engineers in the audience mentioned that Metro Manila has never experienced such a kind of flooding, and the Marikina River level has never overflowed the way Dang had computed it. But Dang stuck with his results. And guess what happened in 2009? During the onslaught of Typhoon Ondoy (International name Ketsana), the whole of Metro Manila was flooded similar to how Dang had forecasted it would be!

    In one of our fieldworks in Mindanao, he went out on a traverse with Dr. Rodolfo (Nonoy) Tamayo (RIP). An accident happened. While walking along a cliff trail, Dang slipped and fell. Nonoy, who could not take hold of Dang, was shocked. He did not hear any shout from Dang. He tried to look over the cliff. What Nonoy saw was the rushing river below. He was so worried about Dang and was already thinking of the worst thing possible. While in this state, Nonoy saw some fingers trying to take hold of the grasses and rocks along the cliff edge. It was Dang! Nonoy felt a sense of relief! Dang was saved by falling on a ledge, and without breaking a single bone of his body. When Dang was eventually pulled up, he was visibly shaken. With trembling hands, the first thing he asked from Nonoy, with a pained smile, was a stick of cigarette. That was him being cool after intense pressure!

    Dang had always been good to younger graduate students. When he was doing his graduate studies in UP, he asked the assistance of some younger students to do community surveys for him. One of those students was Decibel Faustino (now Dr. Decibel Faustino-Eslava, the present Dean of UPLB School of Environmental Science and Management). After patiently explaining how things ought to be done to the young enumerators, some points were still missed. But Dang took this in stride and thanked everybody for their help. As Dei put it, she affectionately thought of Dang “like the gentle giant of the RWG lab”.

    And of course, we had those drinking sessions. It was always fun. Dang never got drunk. He knew how to hold his alcohol. During those sessions, he had always expressed his deep desire to continuously help the communities that we visited. He wanted better lives for those marginalized people. A big man with a soft heart for others.

    And this story will not be complete without sharing the fact that Dang had always planned things with his family at the core. He would always think how his decisions would affect Lorna and Samantha, more than anything else. That is how caring and affectionate a husband and a father he was.

    Dang had gone back to Heaven. We, who remain, are lucky as there will be another one who will be interceding for us in our difficulties now, and when our time comes.

    Rest Dang, our colleague and our friend, my student and my inaanak (GPY). You have given more than enough to your community during your very productive lifetime. You have brought joy to a lot of people.

    Jun YUMUL

    Totie Almeda



    Ferdinand JUMAWAN

    Edanjarlo MARQUEZ

    & the RWG Family

    RWG Family September 25, 2020
  22. Our Condolences and prayers to the family. May his soul rest in peace.

    LLORCA FAMILY @ Point Cook, VIC September 25, 2020
  23. As you have closed your eyes to rest, may you find paradise and eternal life… May your soul rest in peace, Dang.

    My deepest sympathy to Ebot and Sam.

    Tootsie Tadifa September 25, 2020
  24. Our deepest condolences to the entire family.. Only time will lessen the pain and mend the broken heart. Our thoughts and prayers are with you Lorna and Sam.

    Rest In Peace Dan 🙏🏼❤️🙏🏼

    Paull and Mannie De Jesus
    Matess and Lito Liampo

    Paul De Jesus September 25, 2020
  25. Rest in peace Sir DLA.
    My prayers for Ms Lorna and Sam.

    eden huelgas
    DPSM /UPManila
    25 Sept 2020

    Eden September 25, 2020
  26. Our deepest condolences to the family. Prayers for Ms. Lorna & Sam. Rest in peace Sir DLA.

    Alma S. Capio, DPSM CAS UP Manila September 25, 2020
  27. Our grief are lessened knowing that our brother has left behind lots of meaningful and happy memories to those whose lives he touched!
    Have a wonderful journey towards eternal life, my dear brother Dang, I am sure Ama and Ina will be very happy to welcome you in heaven. Do not worry about us whom you left behind, with our deep faith in Jesus Almighty, we are confident that He will give us strength to understand and endure … until the time that we will all be reunited as one big family, together with our true saviour Jesus!
    Rest in Peace my dear brother…I will miss you, we will miss you.
    Eternal rest grant unto Dang Oh Lord, and let perpetual light shine upon him. May he rest in Peace together with all the faithful departed especially Ama and Ina.
    Goodbye my dear brother, travel well, until we meet again. Us brothers are often silent about how we feel for each other, but deep in our hearts we all know that we love each other like how our parents love us…. I LOVE YOU DANGAL… goodbye…. for now….

    Dikong September 25, 2020
  28. We are giving our deepest condolences. Stay strong Tita Lorna and Ate Sam. We may not be together physically, but we are with you all the same. Until we all meet again, rest easy Tito Dang.

    Miko & Mac September 25, 2020
  29. Nawa ay salubungin ka ng mga mga banal sa kalangitan…lubos po ang aming pakikiramay sa pamilya mo insan ..bagamat di k namin na meet simula ng tumira na kayo dyan sa Australia..ramdam nmin ang lungkot sa mga naiwan mo…Rest in Peace Dan(Dangal)

    Justina Payongayong Martin September 25, 2020
  30. I havent heard from you or about you since our ITC days, Dan. And now this…. All the memories of shared meals with the other Pinoys at DISH Hotel flashed so clear to me. You with your long hair and soft manners but always with a ready cigarette stick at hand.

    Its sad to have missed reconnecting with friends like you. REST NOW , DAN. MAY GOD RECEIVE YOU IN HIS PRESENCE.

    Agnes Espinas-Tolentino (ITC, 1995-97) September 25, 2020
  31. Paalam classmate Dang! Surely ma miss ka ng mga ka batch mo sa Mapua. Condolence also to the family.

    Winston Pioquinto September 25, 2020
  32. Our Condolences and prayers to the family. Rest in peace Dan.

    Jake Perez September 26, 2020
  33. Tito Dang… I still cannot believe that this is goodbye. I’ll always remember how we talked about tennis and of course, Federer. I have always imagined that when the time comes where I can finally watch AO live, you and Tita Lorna will be sitting beside me.

    Rest in peace Tito Dang. When we meet again, let’s watch an awesome tennis match.

    Ro-an Flores September 26, 2020
  34. Tito Dang… I still cannot believe that this is goodbye. I’ll always remember how we talked about tennis and of course, Federer. I have always imagined that when the time comes where I can finally watch AO live, you and Tita Lorna will be sitting beside me and cheering on the big guys. Then after the match, I can imagine you touring me around Melbourne and letting me experience things that you have not shown to us before when we visited Australia in 2017. Of course, while touring, you would explain things to me just like you always do.

    I’ll always remember the laughters, stories, good food, and wine shared with you. Rest in peace Tito Dang. When we meet again, let’s watch an awesome tennis match.

    Ro-an Flores September 26, 2020
  35. Both being very smart and very fun are rare, if you ask me. And I can say that Tito Dang was one of them. I remember one time when I was younger, I couldn’t understand my Science lessons. Luckily Tito Dang and Tita Lorna were at home hanging out with my mom. So basically, that night was a night with Science and Tito Dang tutoring me about it. He made seem Science an easy subject because of how he was teaching me it. So thanks Tito Dang, it was because of you I got those good Science grades when I was in grade school. Hahaha.

    I felt like I could tell Tito Dang anything. I knew that whatever I would tell him, I won’t get judged. Whatever I’d ask him about my lessons, automatically he would tell me something about them. I felt like he was a walking encyclopedia or something. But a very nice and fun one. Hahaha.

    That’s why I was really sad when I learned about them moving to Australia. And even if we haven’t talked for so long after they moved, it was as if nothing changed especially when we went to Australia 3 years ago.

    Our trip to Australia was really unforgettable because Tito Dang, Tita Lorna and Sam were with us the whole time. And it was as if I was young again. The kwentuhans were still the same. If anything, the kwentuhans were more fun since us “kids” were basically not kids anymore. And ofcourse Tito Dang being well, himself, he had these trivias about some tourists spots they brought us to. And all of us listened because that’s how he was. He knew how to make learning fun. And he was nice enough to do it for you.

    So rest well, Tito Dang. It saddens everyone that you’re gone, but we know you don’t feel any pain anymore. Thank you for everything. And to Tita Lorna and Sam, please know that we’re with you on this. Sending our prayers to you.

    Rozette Flores September 26, 2020
  36. Having Lorna as one of my beat friends gave me the privelege to have Dang as a close friend for 30 years or so – that, I am so grateful to HIM. When I think of Dang, these come quickly to my mind ( in proper order ) – good company ( intellectual & calm but with a twist of humor ), superb food, whisky and wine( with lectures on acidity, oak , etc ), cheese, coffee, KTV , tennis ( which I cannot relate to ) , and the list goes on and on.
    I remember the years when Johnnie Walker was our best friend. Oh my, I can’t help but smile, laugh, and cry ( like crazy ) , thinking of all our fond memories together.
    I read in one of the tributes that they never saw Dang got drunk, pardon me sir, but I have to say, rather I am proud to say that I was a witness in Dang’s milestone(???) of getting dead drunk for the first and probably the last time, after we were enjoying the night eating, drinking, laughing and singing our hearts out in a KTV in Makati. One of us needed to drive Dang’s car to bring him and Lorna home. This is a classic story we always make fun talking about everytime we are together.
    I would say our friendship somehow made us together in this life’s journey. When Lorna called be last Jan 2017 about Dang’s illness, a stroke of sadness and fear came into me then later on to our whole gang. My family’s visit to Australia last 2017 was one of the best times together. Even it it was a little after Dang’s chemo, he welcomed us with a spirit of good health, in tandem with Lorna’s and Sam’s efforts to accommodate us. Our gang’s US reunion in 2018 was made effortless by Dang who acted as our navigator ( even if it is his first time in the US ). Then came our2019 plan for reunion in Manila/Japan which Dang finalized by the way, with confirmed airlines and hotel bookings, but did not happen because Dang’s dreadful disease striked again. Thank God, during Dang’s chemk break, they were anle to visit us in the Philippines before heading to their vacation in Japan. I never thought that will be the last time we will see him, spending fun together with endless stories to tell, just enjoying life as it comes.
    My family continues to pray for Dang’s eternal rest and peace for we all know he never wanted to leave behind Lorna and Sam this soon. We also pray for Lorna’s and Sam’s healing, may the unimaginable pain of losing a loving husband and father, be taken away from their hearts.
    With sadness in my heart, good bye Dang and a big THANK YOU for everything. May you rest in peace my friend. You will always be in our hearts and will never ever be forgotten.

    Ron Pilar September 26, 2020
  37. Dan, we will miss your smiling face and your amazing positivity to life that you always had and kept through the hardships you faced.
    Knowing and working with you over many years has been a privilege for myself and many others. Our heartfelt prayers and condolences go out to Lorna and Samantha. Rest in Peace Dan and God Bless you and your family..

    Brian and Suzie September 26, 2020
  38. A kind, gentle and friendly sole. Rest in peace.

    Paul Barrand September 26, 2020
  39. We will miss you, Tito Dang.
    We will always remember you with great fondness and respect. We’re very lucky to have learned from you as growing kids when you were still living just across our house. When we were really young, Sam would always play with us and whenever you ask her to go home, she’d always ask for more play time. You’d always allow her to stay for five more minutes. As kids who didnt know much, that’s probably when we learned the value of time with a deadline. You lived your life well and touched many lives. Til we meet again, Tito Dang. Thank you for your teachings.

    Tight hugs and prayers, tita Lorna and Sam. Please stay strong for each other. We love you.

    Dian, Den, and Nico September 26, 2020
  40. Dangal, you are now in the hands of our Creator. Rejoice, all glory are yours, no more hunger and pain. At sana kming iniwan mo dito sa lupa, iyong pamilya at mga kaanak ay isinasamo namin na ilapit mo sa Kanya ang lahat naming kabalisahan sa buhay. Mabuhay kming taglay ang kapangyarihan at kadakilaan ngayn at magpakailan man. Keep in your heart Dangal our love and prayer for the eternal repose of your soul. May you rest in an everlasting peace. We love, Dangal 🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏🙏

    NgNe September 27, 2020
  41. Dan, You were always a gentleman and a pleasure to work with. Rest in peace mate. My condolences to Lorna, Sam and Dan’s wider family.

    John Bohan September 27, 2020
  42. Our prayers and condolences. May you Rest In Peace. 🙏🙏🙏

    Joan Maturingan Manucom and Family September 27, 2020
  43. Kuya Dang, di na tayo nag kita mula ng umalis ako ng pinas. Gusto ko pa nmn sana na mag jamming uli tayo like in our old days sa españa. Kuya, my deep condolences for the whole family. Rest in peace kuya Dang in our Lord’s kingdom.

    Arnel P. Jiola September 30, 2020
  44. Sayang we were not able to see and catch up when i was still there in Australia quite a long tine ago. Salamat sa tulong at guidance nung nasa UP Manila pa tayo. It was a good run for 7 years and a good advise to move on with our careers beyond the CAS in Padre Faura.

    Be guided well on your next journey, and be at Peace….

    Malvin Kenneth Manueli October 2, 2020
  45. Our Condolences to the bereaved. 🙏 Rest in peace, Sir DLA! 🙏🙏🙏

    Bev Orpilla October 4, 2020