Coffins and caskets

At Latrobe Valley Funeral Services we understand that selecting a coffin or casket is a highly personal decision and is an important part of funeral arrangements. We have a range of coffins and caskets available that vary in size and design.

Naturally, pricing varies according to the material used in manufacture, the style and detail of design and the trimming.

What is the difference between a coffin and a casket?

The difference between a coffin and a casket is essentially its design. Coffins form a tapered shape at their head and foot and are wider at the shoulders. Caskets are rectangular in shape and usually domed, often constructed with higher standards of workmanship. The decision to select a coffin or a casket is an entirely personal preference. Many people regard the selection as an important tribute to their love one.

For more information on our selection of coffins and caskets we have available, please contact our office.

Latrobe Valley Funeral Services Coffin Range
Alexander Casket
Elizabeth Casket
The Hazelwood
White Mongolia
Woodland (Pine)
Expressions Range
Acoustic Guitar
Australian Flag
Australian Navy
Australian Rules Football
Beach Break
Beach Fishing
Black and Chrome Motorcycle
Butterfly Migration
Cappuccino Coffee
Cloud Sky
Coral Reef
Costal Pandanus
Desert Camouflage
Design Your Own
Doves Released
Essendon Football Club
Eureka Flag
Fly Fishing
Frangipani Flowers
Freemason Antique
Fresh Water River
Gerbera Flowers
Golden Sunflower
Golf Fairway
Green Tractor
Horse Racing
HSV Holden
Jelly Beans
Lake Wanaka
Last Supper
Lawn Bowls
Leopard Print
Love Hearts
Motocycle Rider
Noojee Bridge
Opera House
Pacific Dolphins
Piano Music
Batesville Range
Classic Gold
Desert Champagne
Euro Hartfield
Golden Pearl
Golden Sand
Golden Sienna
Last Supper
Liberty International
Pieta Maple
Shasta Lily
Silver Rose
Spectra Brown
Spectra White
Special Order Expressions Range
Outback Dirt Road
Pink and Purple Roses
Tarra Valley