BRISCOE – Barbara May (née Norris)

Born on April 3, 1933. Passed away November 14, 2021.

It is with great sadness we announce the sudden passing of our beautiful Mum on Sunday 14 November 2021.
Much loved Mum to seven children, 21 Grandchildren and 17 great Grandchildren.
In her 88 years she has touched the hearts of many that called her Mum or Nan, she loved them all.
Rest in peace with Dad.
We’re not sure what Mills and Boon will do without you.
Love you Mum.

Funeral Notice
The funeral service for Mrs Barbara Briscoe will be private, by invitation only.
Barbara's service will be live streamed on Wednesday November 24th at 10.30am.

To view the service, Please click here
  1. Barbara…..l went to visit you today and was informed that you had passed away on Sunday. I can’t believe it. I’m gutted. We got along so two.
    I’m goanna miss you Barb. May you RIP xxx

    Vicky Harris (Narracan Gardens) November 20, 2021
  2. Nanny, seeing this beautiful photo of you makes my heart break..I can’t believe you are gone. Its soo very sad. All I wanted was one more hug, to say goodbye and see your beautiful smile one more time. I hope you rest easy in heaven. You were a wonderful loving and caring women, loved by all. We will all miss you Nan. Love Kristy, Kim, Rand and Rayne.

    Kristy November 20, 2021
  3. Mum
    You were Mother extraordinaire raising 7 great kids all who managed to have their own families and believe it or not without jail sentences or criminal records which says a lot for our up bringing.

    You a soft and caring Mother always nurturing and Dad a regimented communicator and serious protector .

    There are many times that stick in my mind some funny, some sad. The sadist is when you came to Darwin and expected Dad to come a get you, to prove his love and take you home. But as we all know that did not happen. You always thought that he would come one day, but he could not let you have a win over him or be on top. He loved you to his end and in his way. As you and I laughed , he’s in for a big surprise you will be on top now.

    Make the most of it Mum.

    I remember living at Tyabb and being kids getting up to mischief, Sundays Dad chopping of the head of a chicken for Sunday lunch and letting it run around while Julie and I chased it. We’d catch it and you’d cook it. The day Dad got a new axe, super sharp and the words” Billy don’t touch the axe”. Of cause later I grabbed the axe and took off with it, you in chase, the axe spinning around and opening up my left shin. You quickly wrapped it and got me into the pram for a quick mile run to the neighbours and taken to the doctors for a bunch stitches that was the first but not the last of many.

    I did the morning snare run for rabbits and saw a fox in one of our traps Dad set at the dump. I run home told you , you grabbed the shot gun and we went to the dump. You took aim and fired closing your eyes and you missed, several shots later and eyes closed the fox was still alive in the trap, You said we’ll leave it for Dad.

    I remember Uncle Paul, Aunty Dot coming over a putting horses in the front paddock with our goats and you always had a huge kettle on the stove with boiling water and when we found a snake which would disappear down a yabbie hole amongst the animals you would get the kettle and pour the boiling hot water down the hole and the snake would emerge cooked.

    I remember the Sunday you cracked it with Neil and as he took off, you threw what was closest which was the roasting fork in your hand ,you let loose as he ran away and it stuck in the back of his head. You were devastated and ran to his aid.

    The most fun in your life is you going every Saturday to Garage and Lawn Sales with your best and closest friend Monica, both of you would go out and buy what you wanted or thought someone in the family or someone in need would wont. I remember Leon saying to you if you see a set 6 small crystal wine glasses grab them. A week later there were two boxes of about 60 crystal glasses for his selection.

    You loved being at Crab Claw talking to the guests from Australia and all over the world .I remember you meeting a wealthy Japanese guest who did not speak any english but you manage to communicate with him for some hours talking and feeding the animals. You could talk and would talk to anyone.

    You loved being at Crab Claw with Uncle Alby and Aunty Merl, with you and Merl sitting for hours just talking, knitting and mingling with guests.

    Your trip to Rogues Point with Monica was a high light for all. Julie, Marg, You, Monica and me packed in the in the Troopy doing a 4 X 4 trip from Hardwick Bay to Port Turton via the Beach. Lots of laughing , lots of bouncing and lots a screaming by Marg. We will all cherish that trip together.

    I thank you mum for the time you spent loving us all and the special love you gave, Loui, Emma, Cameron, Sarah, Charli, and me. You have always had a big heart and put other people before yourself.

    Sorry I’m not there for your celebration of life but I’m thinking of you.

    Love and miss you mum .

    Your Loving Son Bill

    Bill Briscoe November 21, 2021
  4. It is with sadness that we heard of the sudden passing of Barbara Briscoe, a lovely lady in heart and soul. She always had time for others, in listening and helping out where she could. She will be in our prayers from, Robert Roestenburg, Terry Dolman and Hong Nguyen at 15 Chapman Road, Rogues Point, SA.

    Robert Roestenburg November 21, 2021
  5. Dearest Barb, we shared many lovely meals together during our 3 months living in Darwin in 2013 looking after Bill and Loretta home. Both Vic and I were always amazed at your tenacity and strong sense of independence and I know you shall be sadly missed by all those that had the privilege to know you.

    Rae Porter November 21, 2021
  6. mum/Nanny
    I first met you when I was just 17. Right from that moment you made me and mine part of your family.
    You were there for me when my mum passed away,you were at my wedding,you were there for my daughters all through their lives ,you were there for my grandchildren. We shared many happy memories with you and Pa and loved you like our own. You never missed a birthday and we always looked for our Nanny Briscoe card every year.
    you were funny,generous and a good friend to all. Even if you only just met them on a bus to somewhere. The last memory I will have of you is when you saw me walking down the street to meet you and you trundling along you said “‘I”d know that body anywhere.”‘
    To all the family, thank you for letting us be part of your parents lives and your lives as well.
    At the end of another Era,Love to you all.xx
    Mandy and family.

    Mandy Terry November 21, 2021
  7. My beautiful nan. So many memories of endless hugs, and scones and pancakes and pizza and more hugs. The Briscoe Boxing Day barbeque was more special to me than Christmas day, not just because of nans christmas pud. All the grand kids, uncles and aunties. So much laughter, Pa”s money tree, the Quails, Stumpy and pebbles, falling out of the willow tree. Nanny meant different things to different people, but for me she was a never ending source of love, even when i had been a bit of a turd. It was also fun watching you yank mums chain from time to time (“make sure you butter all the way to the edges…. don’t use too much butter”) with a sneaky chuckle under your breath. I only wish Donna and the kids could have met you more often, but i loved watching you hug our babies just like you hugged me. I’ll miss you as much as i loved you.
    Hugs forever, Mick, Donna, Kayla Fynn and Rayfe xxxooo

    Michael McWilliams November 21, 2021
  8. You were always Nanny B to us.
    We loved going to Hastings to visit you!
    I remember the shells, the turtles and the little chihuahua that I was terrified of and Pa would try and catch so that I would walk in the house, but most of all I remember the love that you had for us. I will always remember your hugs – they were the best hugs ever!
    Even though we weren’t blood we were family and we will cherish that always.
    I am heart broken that you aren’t here anymore but feel privileged to have had you in our lives and that you were our Nanny B.

    Cathryn November 22, 2021
  9. Aunty Barb we were so sad to hear about your passing. You will be greatly missed by everyone that knew you. Great memories of you and Mum (Audrey Rand dec) dragging dad (Roy Rand dec) off to your Saturday garage sale crusades. Also the holidays spent with Mum and Dad, good old Lake Glenmaggie. You would always arrive with a smile and “How are you Love” then off to the kitchen for a cup of tea with Roy. Lots of fabulous memories.

    Stephen Rand

    Stephen Rand November 22, 2021
  10. What a wonderful Lady
    I remember the first time I met Barbara with Bill at Crab Claw . When Bill introduced me to her she said call me Mrs B . So from then on it was always Mrs B . She was a wonderful caring person who always gave her time to myself and my children . The Lawn sales and Op shops will miss your beautiful smile as we will also .
    Rest In Peace
    David and Tahlia Kemp

    David Kemp November 22, 2021
  11. To my auntie Barb thanks for being the Nanna to my children Bianca and Carley, i am sure Merle would be proud of her little sister for taking care of her grandchildren with all the love she would have gave, you will be truly missed but leave endless fond memories that we will smile about for ever.
    Barney, Heny, Bianca and Carley Berrill

    Anthony Keith Berrill November 22, 2021
  12. Dear Nanny,
    You were certainly one of a kind and I am going to miss you. You embraced us as your own and we always felt very loved and cared for. I remember as a little girl how you showed up to school and choir concerts and how happy and special that made me feel. I fondly remember family gatherings at your place at Christmas time and how included you made us feel. Every birthday without fail there was the Nanny Briscoe card (I will miss that), I know Locki also loved getting his Nanny Briscoe card. I thankyou for being in my life, you will always hold a very special place in our hearts, until we meet again
    Love always Leonie & Locki xoxo

    Leonie Terry November 23, 2021
  13. Hey Nan, Nanna, Barb, Mrs B or encyclopaedia barb! I dont often struggle with things to say. My struggle here is only that i have too much to say.
    You lived such a full life Nan. From my first vivid memory of when we flew to Vic for Christine’s 21st and dad surprised you by calling you when we were at the front door.
    Your endless supply of items from your weekends spent going to Lawn Sales with your bestie Monika in your yellow barina! Your stop ins on mum at home or when she was in hospital, which i was so thankful for. You were a pain sometimes but the love i have for you is forever. My proudest moment was when you held Charlotte for the first time.. ” Another Grand kid to add to the list” you said. Then you lent accross to me and said “she’s absolutely beautiful Cameron”. Nobody else herd what you said to me but you followed it up with that beautiful smile you had, i could tell that you were so proud, even if she was just ‘another Briscoe’. I will miss you Nan, i wish i could be there to hold your hand and say goodbye.
    Love you Nan forever.
    Cameron, Sarah, Charlotte and lil man to come, which im sure youll be watching over.
    P.S. Please give Mum and Pa a hug from us xx

    Cameron, Sarah & Charlotte Briscoe November 23, 2021
  14. Dear Aunty Barbara, family l was sad to hear of her passing
    For years we wondered where u got to As we tried to find u when mum past away in 2002 Marion Chicken As u were both very close when we where little u was like 2nd mum to all 10 of us kids .Always there when mu needed ur advise or baby sit us all while she came into me at RCH l rembere we always called into u at Hastings on shopping days for cuppa u mum would talk for ages laughing and cooking us kids all be of out backyard playing with ur kids lol Mum always said l had gift of the mouth from u talkative still am to this date Our mum cherished your her friendship like gold always staying on touch .Until u moved she lost contact with u .But now u be laughing ,joking once again catching up on old times living at Tyabb,Redhill ,Hastings Crib Point To a beautiful Aubty Barb rest in peace U have ,will always hold special place in our heart Our Aunty barb Bristol lol u both need up in Latrobe Valley before passing what a coincidence.
    Condelence to her large family from Chicken clan
    Kind regards
    Noelleen Baxter

    Noelleen Baxter nee Chicken November 23, 2021
  15. Dear Aunty Barbara, family l was sad to hear of her passing
    For years we wondered where u got to As we tried to find u when mum past away in 2002 Marion Chicken As u were both very close when we where little u was like 2nd mum to all 10 of us kids .Always there when mu needed ur advise or baby sit us all while she came into me at RCH l rembere we always called into u at Hastings on shopping days for cuppa u mum would talk for ages laughing and cooking us kids all be of out backyard playing with ur kids lol Mum always said l had gift of the mouth from u talkative still am to this date Our mum cherished your her friendship like gold always staying on touch .Until u moved she lost contact with u .But now u be laughing ,joking once again catching up on old times living at Tyabb,Redhill ,Hastings Crib Point To a beautiful Aubty Barb rest in peace U have ,will always hold special place in our heart Our Aunty barb Bristol lol u both ended up in Latrobe Valley before passing what a coincidence. Xxxoo
    Condelence to her large family from Chicken clan
    Kind regards
    Noelleen Baxter

    Noelleen Baxter nee Chicken November 23, 2021
  16. My Darling Nanny,

    Your smile lights up the room, and fills each persons heart with happiness being in your presence.

    To say there is no one like you, and never will be couldn’t be more accurate. It was a privilege to call you Nanny and be your grandson.

    To say I’m the person I am today thanks to you couldn’t be more accurate, you were always supportive and never held back if you had an opinion. You are loving, honest, protective, strong, courageous and an amazing woman.

    Nanny I have so much incredible memories shared with you, and no matter how hard I try I can never replicate your cup of tea, your hugs or ability to fall asleep without notice watching Antiques Roadshow.

    With sadness you departed, in memory and happiness left feeling whole hearted.

    My love and appreciation for you always.

    Give Pa a big hug from me x

    Thanks Nanny. xxxx

    Bradley, Teneka, Jett, Cooper, Jasper, Winter & Gracie.

    Bradley Murray November 23, 2021
  17. Mrs B, Nan, that Sunday night phone call from Jules telling us you were gone was such a shock. So many memories from Hastings to Darwin, Sydney, Adelaide and Erica all came back. Although not biologically part of your family you always considered us as family and treated us with the same love and warmth you gave to your own. Thankyou for caring about us and accepting us into your life. Rest in Peace Mrs B.
    Ian, Margaret, Kirk and Rachel McDonald

    Ian McDonald November 23, 2021
  18. Hey Nan
    We didn’t have to much time together but the time we had was special. We were very lucky to have both lots of grandparents be friends and that meant a lot for Christine and I especially when we were kids. I remember having family Sundays at the Hastings house with the cuzzie which we all loved and staying over and getting into trouble climbing the willow tree. One of my best memory of you is when you and I were cleaning the units at crab crawl and you asking me if the strange hair in shower came from a private part of someone’s body we nearly peed ourselves laughing as I was like what you should know Nan which you replied I have forgotten what they look like it was hilarious 😂. My other great memory was when you picked me up in Alice springs when Dad and Loui had their car accident and we went up to help. Omg what a trip. You rocked in your little yellow Holden Barina out the front I was there with all my belongings on the lawn as my dingo had ripped my water bed apart you help me organise my crap and then we left the next morning. Off we go up the Stuart Hwy I’m thinking omg nanny is a rally car driver foot flat with the bagpipes tape playing over taking road trains and me thinking we are going to be sucked in and spat out holding on for dear life. We stopped at Mataranka for the night. Off early the next morning we didn’t get far when Nan see these backpackers on the side of the road oh love we have to help them she says to me we pull over. They have a flat tyre with no jack but a spare Nan straight away says we will help my granddaughter is tough she’ll do it I’m like omg I have to unpack Nanny’s car most of us have seen how Nan packs you couldn’t get a credit card in that’s how packed tight it was so here goes unpacked got the jack fixed the tyre then had to packed nans car again with her pointing out every place it goes lol got back in the car and made it safely to Darwin. Nan would help anyone anytime she was a very tough, giving, loving and strong lady. Will miss you Nan and thank you for being our Nanny 😘😘😘💕💕💕. All our love to all the family sorry we couldn’t be here but we are thinking of you all Belinda and Ken xxxxx

    Belinda Briscoe November 23, 2021
  19. Nanny,

    I was incredibly sad to learn the news of your passing. The happiness we used to get on the morning of our birthdays when we were finally allowed to open our nanny Briscoe cards and the fun we had on our trip in Queensland where all I brought was “junk” at the market will be memories I will get to cherish forever.

    You will be missed my many and forever loved by all xx

    Danyca November 23, 2021
  20. Dear Aunty Barb.

    Thank you for being a kind and amazing person. You always treated us with kindness.

    You will be missed, with lots of love

    Beau Berrill November 23, 2021
  21. Hey Nanny Josh here.I guess it’s my time to say my goodbyes to you.I will always cherish the time and memories we got to share over the years when we were kids and as adults.Rest in peace Nan.Always in my thoughts and my heart.Say Hi to Pa for me xxxx

    Josh Murray November 23, 2021
  22. Antique Roadshow is what I’ll remember and you were always nice to me.Loved you Nanny.Popeye

    Peter Murray November 23, 2021
  23. Mum.You will live on in our stories through the laughter and the tears.Love you Mum.Tracey xxx

    Tracey Murray November 23, 2021
  24. Hey ma
    My beautiful mumma bear, such a shock to the system that you bailed out on us so unexpectedly! There is so many beautiful times we had together growing up in such an amazing family,you always was there through the good times and the bad, you would always be there to listen even knowing you was always busy, you would tell me be strong and you will get over your problem, my mates always would get a laugh when you would tell them you will wash there mouths out when they swore haha the trips to Mallacoota each year was such a blast with you and dad,up in Darwin it was so awesome having you there as dad was missing out, I think he was always waiting for you to come to toora, ha the way he had it dressed up all girly, love you to the moon and back, in my memories for ever my beautiful mum xxxx
    Ps say hi to dad and give him a big hug, oh and keep your hands off Bert newton hahaha love you.

    Neil Briscoe November 23, 2021
  25. Nanny B,

    this photo reminds me of the way you’re face would light up when telling stories about your kids, grandkids and great grandkids. Your love for us all was never ending and I was lucky to spend so much time with you and Pa growing up.
    I’ll always look back fondly on our Saturday lunchtime visits and early morning raids on the markets, even though I could never seem to keep up.
    Whenever I had a port visit in Darwin over recent years you were always there ready to grab a meal and catchup. Over lunch you would be bragging about someone’s new Bub or an update on how they’ve grown. I’m sure every time was the same report “Oh you should see, he/she is absolutely gorgeous”.
    The other thing I’ll remember you for is you’re sense of humour. Sometimes you might need the joke explained three times before we would just give up and laugh anyway and sometimes we would be joking about you; but you would always be laughing along.
    You will be sadly missed but I’ll definitely be thinking of you every Christmas when we decorate the tree because half the tree will be covered in the ornaments you’ve brought for our kids over the years.

    Love always Steve, T and kids.

    Steve McWilliams November 24, 2021
  26. I never knew Grandma very well. I found growing up, organising to see grandma and grandpa was a task and a half due to distance and time. I wish got to know grandma more. A year, and a half ago I got the pleasure of having grandma and aunt Julie visit us in sunny Ballarat. I got to have lunch with her, and though I’ll never get to have another lunch with her I will always treasure the time spent with grandma.

    Dad and I have a little ritual whenever we are up at Wilson promontory. For the last ten years on our trips, we buy a pack of Bundaberg ginger beer; they always came in a pack of four. We would go to the bridge where grandpa’s ashes were spread and we pure him out a bottle and have a moment of silence in his honour. There was always a little awkwardness between dad and I of who will drink the final bottle of ginger beer. Well grandma, that final bottle is for you now.

    May you rest in peace.

    Love Matthew

    Matthew Briscoe November 24, 2021
  27. Dear Nanny,

    Our birthdays are never going to be same without our ‘Nanny card’ arriving in the mail, no matter where we moved to in the country. You never a missed birthday for any of us or our kids. We always loved your stories and your hugs, and especially your scones! I remember when I started high school you drove all the way to come to grandparents morning tea & I cooked you scones. I imagine they were horrendous, but you told me you loved them and that they were just like yours (which I am choosing to continue to believe).
    You always had so much energy and truly made us feel like we were your own grandchildren. I’m proud to have had you as my Nanny and you will be missed forever.

    Love Michelle

    Michelle Terry November 24, 2021
  28. Aunty Blu, thankyou for being there when I needed you. Always welcoming, you were a straight shooter and I admired you for it.. if someone was telling a tall one you knew it, I heard the words ‘Oh Rubbish’ on many occasions ha ha. You loved the babies and unfortunately only met koby a couple of times, I was glad to have a photo of you both. The teachings of how to have a shower in under a minute at Crab Claw.. always telling me I was too skinny and looked aweful coming in from the stations.. sitting watching antique road show with you. The billion miles you drove on your own in your little yellow car. Miss you Aunty, you were a rock in the family. I’m sure your having a massive celebration up stairs, Rest In Paradise

    Jacquelyn Berrill November 24, 2021
  29. Rest in Peace Aunty! Thank you for being a wonderful support to me and the boys in their younger years, travelling off to shows with me in the early hours of the morning when mum couldn’t. We loved you for that and I was so grateful. BTW you always found the best cake stalls on our travels!
    Sorry we couldn’t be there to send you off in person. Love you and you will be sadly missed by everyone xo

    Lisa Berrill November 24, 2021
  30. Nanny,

    My heart was full of sadness upon hearing of your passing. We where always so far apart but you always managed to pop in when ever you where close you always made effort to see me and the grand kids. I remember on the wedding cruise zaeli was so infatuated with you and seeing you two together was magic. You also never missed Azriel or Zaelis birthdays or Christmas even though we never got to see enough of each other.

    Love you,You will be very missed

    Ben, Kristy, Azriel and Zaeli Briscoe

    Ben Briscoe November 24, 2021
  31. Dear Nan.

    Thank you for being the kind, loving and stubborn woman you were. Thank you for your passion in 2nd hand shopping that you passed down to me. Thank you for your parenting advice when there was no one else to talk to about it. Thank you for loving my little family wholeheartedly and always looking out for my best interests.
    It breaks my heart knowing we will never get to hug you or smooch your cheek again. I only wish I had gotten to do the trip to visit you and introduce you to Hazel May. We will never forget you. The world is truly a colder place without your bright light.

    Love you Nanny.

    Love always,
    Crystal, Dio, Sofia and Hazel

    Crystal Briscoe November 24, 2021
  32. Auntie,
    You were one lady with spunk… said what you thought, didn’t matter who it was to… But, we loved you for it all…
    You loved and accepted anyone and everyone…
    With love
    Karen K

    Karen Kleehammer November 24, 2021
  33. A beautiful send off today celebrating your life well lived Aunty Barb. Loved all those photos of you. I hope you found your way home where you can now Rest In Peace. Miss you but forever with us. My love to the family xxxx

    Rebecca Robinson November 24, 2021
  34. Nan Briscoe
    You opened your arms and heart to so many of us. You welcomed us all into your home and made room around the kitchen table for us extra’s. There were times that you were forth-rght with your comments which made us sit up and behave. But you loved us all.
    You have left a lasting impression on my life and this family…. so many memories to cherish.
    Rest in peace Nan Briscoe. 💕 Alwynne S.

    Alwynne Simpson November 25, 2021