ALLEN – Amber Rose

Born on December 3, 2010. Passed away October 15, 2018.

Passed away tragically, aged 7 Years.
Much loved daughter of Gareth Allen and Natesha Lombardo and Step Daughter of Kylie.
Loved and adored sister of Elijah and Khalessi.
A joy and shining light to her Grandparents.
Gem in name, Gem in nature

Funeral Notice
Chapel of Latrobe Valley Funeral Services 260 Princes Highway, TraralgonView Map
The Funeral of Amber Rose Allen will be held at Latrobe Valley Funeral Services Chapel, 260 Princes Highway, Traralgon on FRIDAY (November 2, 2018) commencing at 11.00 am

Private Cremation
  1. My deepest sympathy to Amber’s family. A truly big loss to this world.

    Kylie Burford October 17, 2018
  2. We are so saddened by your loss XXX Rest in peace darling little girl.

    Alison Kamphuis November 1, 2018
  3. Cheeky girl. Beautiful girl. The epitome of perfection in humankind. If every person on our planet each had only half the loving kindness and generosity of spirit of Amber Rose, there would be world peace. Fly high little angel. You truly were too good for this place. But it is a better place for you having been here, if only for a short time. And the effect of your being here will last. Forever.

    Margaret Avian November 1, 2018
  4. Darling Amber fly with the Angels today.
    You were such a beautiful spirited little girl at
    Preschool. Full of hugs, laughter and such a lovely smile.
    Thinking of you and family today. Much love to all of you.

    Marianne Gibson November 2, 2018
  5. You were so young, but you have unwittingly reached out in your dying to touch the hearts of so many of us. I didn’t know you but I feel a closeness that is palpable.

    Those who knew you have told us that you were one of the blessings of this world. We know, as another grieving person has said, that the world has been a better place for having had you in it.

    Bless you little one – the hearts you have touched will remember you always.

    Tricia Wright November 2, 2018
  6. Your smile, bubbly personality and endless stories will be sorely missed! You made my job so easy my little Amberasaurus!!! You always brightened up the darkest of days. The classroom will not be the same with you gone! Rest in peace my little sidekick… fly high with the dinosaurs xoxox Love Miss Katie

    Katie Bates November 3, 2018
  7. We think about you every day little one. I will leave additional words here every so often …. just so you know you will never, ever, be forgotten, beautiful Amberasaurus.

    Margaret Avian March 6, 2019
  8. You are thought about, missed so much and loved so much every day Amberasaurus. Every moment of every day.

    Margaret Avian May 1, 2019
  9. My Beautiful Amber Rose you now have Golden Angel wing they will fly you to the higher heavens where you will find your Great Great Grandmother Noona Olga she will guid you now my little princess Mum loves you to many moons and back my girl I have always loved you now evey night I see you in the sky first start I see that moment I know it is you my light Amber Rose Allen Xx

    Natesha Lombardo May 30, 2019
  10. You shall grow not old, Amberasaurus, as we who are left grow old:
    Age shall not weary you, child.
    These are small blessings, but they are blessings.
    Forever seven; forever perfect.

    Margaret Avian June 20, 2019
  11. Always. Forever.

    Margaret Avian October 4, 2019
  12. This time last year Amberasaurus you were at school having fun as always, but for the last time. It is so hard to understand. Why did it have to be. I can only think it is because you were much too good for this place. Always. Forever.

    Maggie Avian October 15, 2019
  13. Forever, child.

    Maggie Avian April 11, 2020
  14. Darling ARA … we were walking yesterday and in the lane some children had drawn a hopscotch game in chalk. One of them had drawn a really cute Tyrannosaurus with a chubby smiley face and cute little front legs (arms!). We instantly thought of you. You would have loved it. Xxx

    Maggie Avian July 6, 2020
  15. We missed posting here on the 15th of October Amber Rose. I’m sorry we missed that day. You were in our thoughts that day. Every day. Forever. Maybe longer. Sleep well child.

    Margaret Avian October 30, 2020
  16. Every day you’re thought about and talked about Miss Amber Rose. And that will be the case for … ever. Every day. Your photographs with your smiling face show how much you were loved by your family and everyone who knew you. Always. Forever.

    Margaret Avian August 24, 2021
  17. Forever, Amber Rose Allen. Xxx

    Margaret Avian May 1, 2022
  18. You know something Amber Rose Angel …. the children still say goodnight to you and send you their love every night when they go to bed. I think they might be doing this for the next 80 or 90 years. Maybe longer. I like that thought. Sleep tight Angel.

    Maggie Avian November 17, 2022
  19. Forever angel.

    Margaret Avian November 21, 2023
  20. Happy birthday to you Miss Teenager. 13 … hard to believe. We think about you every day beautiful girl. Xxx

    Maggie Avian December 3, 2023